Software Solutions for Businesses

2RM Lab is a software developing company that provides financial solutions for businesses and economic activities.

We build programs that automate your work process and help you with staff management sales, distribution, magazine management and planning for upcoming inventory.

2RM Lab develops programs and apps for all Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms.

Web and Desktop Software Development

Our vast experience throughout the years has consisted on implementing the best developing technology in our projects, providing high quality products exceeding market standards.

We have worked with a large variety of companies, some of the biggest in Albania, developing programs to automate their work process and efficiency.

Distribution management, financial software solutions, electronic invoice generation are some of our main services.

Mobile Apps Development

Our experience in software development includes mobile app development for Android and iOS.

Years of experience in mobile software  development for various profiled businesses have broaden our skills and knowledge in the field. This means that our clients will find a professional team dedicated to meet clients demands and deliver quality products within the deadlines.

We provide portable applications for suppliers and distributors, monitoring and supervision of field work, electronic invoice generation with portable printers, integrated within one application.

Mobility and easy access to our services are of great importance to us when creating apps, that is why are services are  cross-platform synchronizable allowing portability for field agents and supervision from managers.

Server Services and Security

2Rm Lab offers dedicated servers for its clients, that allow cross-platform data synchronization from any program or application. 2RM Lab softwares synchronize automatically with the servers, enabling you to continue working independently which platform you use web, desktop or mobile.

All our clients data and database or protected with the latest security system technology along with dedicated VPN.