eFatara is a distribution and tax invoice generating program.

Easily manage field sales and orders. Print tax invoices directly from your mobile phone and monitor sale trends, product availability and warehouse stock.


Electronic Tax Invoice

Tax bills are generated by the mobile app for each item on the product list. The Invoice format is customized with logos and details according to to the requirements of customers.

The electronic tax invoice  format of eFatura is approved by the min. Finance and Economy

Ability to change the price of items while creating invoice.

Apply  fixed discount rates, calculate the VAT for each product, display the product list.

Determines the payment method and currency used.

Ability to print out tax invoices in any terrain and office environment with portable bluetooth printers.

Sales Reports and Visits

Generate reports for:

Quantities sold according to time periods

The cash registry

Sales and purchase reports for customers

Price for the last item sold

Sales history and orders by customers, items and dates


Staff Management and Orders

Manage field agents, client visits, promotions  and orders.

Determine fixed discount rates items sold by agents

Check the last price of each item sold

Determine the minimum and maximum allowed price for each item

Questionnaires on the reasons of non-purchase by  customers

Ability to note details for each visit performed, client complaints or sale.

Magazine and Articles

The virtual Warehouse enables you to:

Manage the status and quantity of products

Display the full product list

Verify stock status, products are available and which lack

Plan the next inventory

Determine  the most sold products according to clients or by time periods




Type Portable Thermal Printer
Resolution 203dpi(8dots/mm)
Print Width 110mm (tolerance of 104mm-114mm)
Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Printing Speed Thermal paper: 80mm/s

Sticker paper: 70mm/s

Feeding speed 80mm/s
Receive buffer size 128KB
Interface Rs-232, USB2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode
Sensors Black mark sensor, label gap sensor, paper absence sensor, cover open sensor, temperature sensor
Battery 400 Cycles Rechargeable
Power input Adaptor 9V/3A DC; 7.4V lithium battery
Dimensions(W x D x H) 159 x 152 x 72mm


Price 346€ with VAT